Heroes of the Storm: Week 1 practice points

I think I have only partially spoken about this in the past, but I am a huge fan of Heroes of the Storm. What I like about this game as opposed to other MOBAs is certainly something I will speak about in the future, but for now I want to focus on one thing and that is my road to Master league.

Current standing: Silver 1

So as you can see, my road to Master league will most likely take a lot of time and dedication, but there are several milestones I can accomplish on the way and this is my form of committing and delivering on my personal goals.

Being a better Rehgar and Uther

I am not a support main, but I do flex when necessary (which is quite common in the lower leagues). I play a couple of supports, but there are 2 which I’d like to focus at the moment and those are Rehgar and Uther.

Rehgar: I’ll admit I only want to be better at Rehgar because of the mecha skin. I purchased it on release and lost all my games while playing him. The reason I think I have a bad performance on him is his healing output pre-10. Lower leagues need a lot of babysitting, and Rehgar doesn’t seem to fit in very well as a portable fountain, like most people expect from supports in lower leagues. I do think Ancestral healing is pretty fantastic in my league, because of how easy it is for someone to get caught and lose huge chunks of life before the objective fight even starts.

Random tips to practice:

  • Exit wolf form before fights so that it cools down earlier (Thanks NotParadox)
  • Check mana bars
  • Camps before objectives

Uther: Silver league is a weird and greedy place where everyone thinks they don’t belong and wanna carry their way out with assassins. The side-effect of this is that everyone is usually a squishy ranged hero. Enter Uther, the tanky front line support. While I don’t think I will get mileage from divine shield at all, I do think that his stun and burst heals will prove invaluable in my games.

I was gonna put more commitments for now, but I think mastering 2 support which are relatively uncontested is a nice thing to work on this week. If you wanna see how it goes, be sure to check out my stream at www.twitch.com/azormx

See you guys at the Nexus! And don’t miss the end of the week review where I evaluate how I did with my objectives.

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