Hi there stranger,

If you reached this section, then you would probably like to know more about me, so I guess I’ll give it a try.

I’m a gamer born and raised in Tampico, Tamaulipas, a city in Mexico. From a young age I’ve loved to play video games, but passion quickly turned into skill and I saw myself becoming better at my craft to the point where I started dabbling into more challenging endeavors like challenge runs and speed runs.

My most relevant achievement was beating Smokey’s single segment Super Metroid time back when it was a 00:38. I got a 00:37 ready for submission in VHS, however my dad never delivered the tape and eventually Hotarubi’s 00:32 emerged, so there goes my glory.

Aside from video games, I enjoyed being outdoors. I don’t mean it in the hardcore sense like going camping, just being outside makes me feel alive. Although I do enjoy camping, climbing and hiking into high and dangerous places. At the moment I’m pouring most of my outdoors energy into becoming a competent climber, so watch out.

More random facts about me:

  • My favorite band is Journey
  • I picked up the electric guitar to learn how to play Mega Man X songs
  • My dream is to live in Sweden
  • I am very competitive in fighting games
  • I have 0 ways to monetize this site, and purposely avoid doing it for the fear of turning my hobby into a second job
  • I drink a lot of coffee every day
  • My nickname is Mr. President because of my tendency to create and lead Gamer organizations at wherever I’m spending most of my time (it started at school, now I do it at my jobs)
  • I like to drive but hate the traffic
  • I have a Kirby plush in the passenger seat of my car so that I never drive alone
  • Despite being raised at the beach, I am a terrible swimmer

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