What am I playing? April 11th, 2018

I might have missed a week or 2 of the What am I playing series, but you can bet I didn’t stop playing games! This week I’m gonna be playing a classic game I want to relive, as well as a highly recommended game I want to review at a later date.

Starcraft remastered

After playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm and getting a Probe plush as my birthday gift (Thanks Paty!) I got this ginormous urge to replay the entire Starcraft series. I didn’t play Heart of the Swarm or Legacy of the Void, so it will be like a trip through memory lane that ends with the never before seen (by my eyes) conclusion.

Earth Wars

I have never heard about this game before it arrived on the switch. Even then, the screenshots weren’t something that caught my attention, but the price sure did! Being a $4.99 game felt like it must have been a mistake or a special intorductory price, either way I figured I might as well do the purchase and then experience it with no idea of what’s in store.

I might have been drawn to the game by questionable means, but I am definitely staying because of the quality of the game! Earth Wars is a 2D action game. A lot of people compare it to Muramasa, but I didn’t play it so I can’t really comment on it. The game wastes no time taking you to the action and delivers intense moments of battle and exploration, as well as a story that, even it cliche’d, has you on the edge of your seat.

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